Emergent Visuals

Over the years I have used many light flashing gizmos. Most have done a fine job of bringing about imagery that cannot be obviously explained by the configuration of the light source itself or our own system of vision.

Psychedelic and kaleidoscopic are common terms. Complex, often repetitive patterns. Rotation with changing rate and direction. Colors other than those of the light source. Fractal. Geometric.

The character of the imagery varies with light configuration, flash rates, waveforms, brightness, colors and so on, but emergent imagery, distinct from creative interpretation thereof, seems to fall in a limited range of descriptions.

For raw visual effect I have long found the the native sessions of the Procyon viewed with the standard closed-eye glasses to be the standard for “Wow!”. The Procyon has a standout light control system.

I have recently had the opportunity to use the new Procyon Deep Vision eye wear. These are designed for open eye use but work just fine closed-eye. Similar to the open eye set for the Kasina, but wired for the Procyon three colors to both sides rather than each side.

Open-eye, however, the Deep Vision elicited a “Wow++” even from this jaded, AVS-overdosed user. I think the plain field rather than having left/right variation may be a factor in the unexpectedly impressive light show. There is plenty of brightness for a truly intense experience.

There’s detail and consistency of structure I haven’t seen before.

Seeing something new is one of my favorite things.

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  • Cris  On January 11, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    In looking up Procyon Deep Vision eye wear, it seems you have to have something called a Procyon. The quote I read was, “When you are using them with your Procyon . . .” The glasses themselves were $99.00, but nothing was said how much the Procyon was, which I assume is what you plug the glasses in. Have you any ideas? Thanks.

  • Rosario Pignatelli  On December 30, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Hi Craig,
    as owner of Procyon and Kasina I would like to ask you: are VR all in one headsets the next step? I have discovered a lot of software house that are developing anti stress, relaxing immersive videos and apps for Virtual Reality devices. What do you think about VR potential? Thanks.

  • Anonymous  On December 31, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Hi Rosaria,

    Well, I think VR is going to be big, but firstly, the cost of entry is so much higher than conventional AVS, and secondly, it will always be different to AVS in that the stimuli used for AVS are simple and specific, while the VR experience will be relatively complex and heavily influenced by the creator’s aesthetic. There’s a lot more yet to be done with AVS and that is where my interest remains.


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