The MegaVisor arose out of my desire for a non-contact, total immersion AVS environment. While far from perfect, it has shown me that the ideal is desirable.

The MegaVisor is about 600mm wide, 600mm high and 500mm deep, constructed maily out of a low density PVC board commonly used for signage. It has an opening at one end to accommodate the shoulders and another diffuser-covered opening at the other end for the xenon strobe or other light source. The whole thing has a black shroud to provide total darkness.

DSCN0240 DSCN0242

A cushion positions the head at the perfect distance from the screen to provide a clear peripheral-to-peripheral field. A pair of speakers are tucked under the pillow, one each side of the head, to alleviate the need for headphones.

Interestingly, a startling ganz feld effect is experienced with nothing but the MegaVisor and an open diffuser – white ambient light creates the eerily snowblind feeling, as the interior has no real detail and the various ports and openings are out of the field of view.

Inside, I have mounted the flexi-PC LED array from a pair of Procyon Ganz Frames, driven by a Procyon. In the darkened enclosure these provide a most pleasing open-eye display. There are also a pair of xenon incandescent lamps for continuous spectrum white illumination. The continuous spectrum provided by the xenon strobe and xenon incandescent lamps proved a very different feeling to the mixed-white provided by LEDs. The xenon strobe can free run at a knob-set flash rate or be hooked up to synch with an external signal.

While some have found the MegaVisor to be somewhat claustraphobic, I personally find this to part of the attraction. Most also find the xenon strobe too much – it certainly provides a high impact experience!

The MegaVisor has more than pleased me and I may well consider an enhanced version some time down the track. At present my main project is PentaVision – a five-field, 15 channel visual device.


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  • leandroemile  On December 20, 2014 at 1:04 am

    i would love to try that ..thanks for sharing very interesting device

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