Thank you.

Over the time I’ve been in hiding I’ve had some really nice emails and I’ve seen the comments posted enquiring as to my whereabouts and well-being. Appreciated.

Let’s say I’m back now. I’ll probably not be as prolific as once I was. I’ll probably have less to say about products than before, particularly as I’m developing a system of my own. There’s a good chance I’ll write some pretty weird stuff, as I have fully embraced my personal weirdness.

My absence was based on the necessity to become as hermit-like as possible for a time and to reflect on the nature of truth. The simple fact is that I have already written more than can be legitimately said of AVS and that anything and everything I say is but an incomplete truth and therefore a lie. Please take that into account when considering my words.

Regarding AVS hardware and software, I can be no more explicit than I have been. My preferred device is the Kasina with the Procyon a close but different second. I’m often asked to contrast the Kasina with the Laxman – they are different animals, each providing a different experience. In the not too distant future Kasina will offer open-eye glasses which, based on the prototypes I have tried, will be as good as or better than anything else out there. My own development focuses on open-eye visual experience as opposed to entrainment, which I have concluded is a bit of an over-blown concept. My interest continues to be altered states with only a limited connection to “self-improvement”. In fact, I consider “self-improvement” applications to be hovering in the realms of evil, as I do not agree with the general ideas embraced by the developers of such things as to what is good for me… I don’t want such people messing with my mind – I just want an environment conducive to exploration of my own mind on my own terms, and that is what all of the non-specific content I have written is aimed at.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens. Please don’t ask anything of me as my views and opinions are essentially worthless – take what I say as you will.

Again, thank you.


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