SMR – An interesting exercise

How do you activate a particular part of the brain? The most inexpensive way I’m aware of is to use it.

SMR refers to the low beta (around 14Hz) range of rhythms associated with activation of the sensorimotor region. When the sensorimotor region is active, SMR range frequencies will be detected over that region.


There is another indication of SM activation – muscles are moving or sensations are being felt.

One form of entrainment that may occur arises when a movement or sensation becomes conscious. Other parts of the brain will engage with the SM region.

It is remarkable how much, beyond the standard autonomic functions, our brain/body can do without intervention from the mind (consciousness). Standing up is a good example.

The exercise…

Stand up straight but relaxed in a place away from any furniture or sharp objects (you might fall over).

Focus on a fixed point straight ahead at eye height and allow your body to become accustomed to the stable vertical position.

Close your eyes.

Feel each muscle twitch as your body adjusts to maintain position. Notice how the movements become more jerky and less accurate the more you pay attention to them – you are interfering with a process that is working far faster than consciousness – thinking just gets in the way.

Think of things other than standing. Dismiss thoughts about muscles.

See how long you can let your body stand there without interfering or checking up.

Have fun.


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