Something I’ve been pondering for a while.

There’s a lot of new products appearing. What is driving their design?

The scientific basis is common to all and the anecdotal evidence is largely undisputed among those with an interest in AVS. The technology is readily and consistently applied – all known AVS devices “work”.

As I have said in reply to the oft asked question, “Which device is best?”, the best is that which has the features that please you.

I would like to get some feedback on this.

What would you like your ideal AVS device to be like? Here’s some considerations…

  • Functionality – standalone?  AudioStrobe?  other encoding?  best for solo use?  good for group use?  complete or modular?
  • Programmability – proprietary?  via something like MindWorkstation?  limited control?  control of all functions?
  • File Formats – proprietary?  MP3?  MP3/WAV with proprietary data blocks (allows use with ordinary players)?  analog encoding (AudioStrobe, etc.)?  digital encoding (Laxman, Synchromuse, MindLights, etc.)?
  • Portability – size?  number of pieces?
  • Audio – 8/16/24-bit?  PC/USB audio?  analog PC audio?  MP3?  integrated synthesiser?  sampler/recorder?
  • Lighting – open-eye?  closed-eye?  both?  colour?  location of illumination?  coffee table or projected options?
  • Other stimuli – cranial electro stimulation (CES)?  magnetic (such as Shakti)?  tactile?
  • Control – how many channels (independently controllable stimuli)?  resolution (1 bit is on/off – 16 bit is 65k+ levels – 8 bit gives 256 levels, common for light control channels)?  control exotic devices (massagers, heat pads, tactile pads, etc.)?
  • Feedback – EEG?  ECG?  EMG?  GSR?  HRV?  how many channels?  device integrated?  PC based?
  • Flexibility – single function?  all-in-one?  support for future technology?
  • Appearance – cool accessory? pure functionality? art piece?
  • Price – low end limited function?  low end specialised? high end specialised?  high end multifunction?  progressive/modular?

I’m sure you’ll think of more. Please leave a comment.


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  • Brent  On December 21, 2012 at 3:10 am

    Hi Craig,

    I’ve been reading many of your posts, thanks for he reviews. I settled on the Procyon. I am interested in the Synchromuse that you also addressed in this post. I’m not finding much about it. Do you have much experience with it? Are there some sample or demo files?

    Thank you,


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