Visual Curiosities

A curious aspect of our visual system is the influence of various factors on what we “see”.

Here’s a few things to try to see how your visuals are affected. Set up your AVS device with glasses, running a flat alpha session with simple AudioStrobe.

1. Look at a bright light before putting on the glasses. Visuals washed out with a black hole? What else?

2. Look at a bright TV or monitor before donning the glasses. A big square imposed on the visuals? How much detail can you make out?

3. Continue 1 and 2 looking at different objects before putting on the glasses. Are you seeing repeats of the shapes? This can be very interesting if you look at brightly lit objects with distinct detail – playing cards are a good choice.

4. Looking straight ahead distinguish primary visuals from secondary (primary is the obvious color patterns, secondary is the “hallucinatory” component). Tilt your head up/down and turn left/right. See the primary following your head movements while the secondary remains in place, gradually catching up?

5. Try squeezing your eyes closed and stretching your eyes wide open while keeping the lids closed. See how much color variation there is? Notice how vivid non-red colors become when the eyelid is stretched thin.

As always, have fun.


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