AVS for Sleep : Does It Work?

In the case of a sleep induction session I am working on,…

There am I, sitting in a something vaguely thinker-ish position on my office stool (when using phrases like that I hope my meaning translates okay – if in doubt, send me an email).

60 minutes on a stool? So the story goes… the Charcoal Burners, of a time before the mass extinctions of trades and professions, had to remain by the wood-to-charcoal fire, maintaining the exact right conditions for charcoal to be the sole retained by-product of the combustion. To ensure they remain awake and alert through the many hours, they devised a single legged stool. Quite comfortable as long as the human provides and maintains the two missing legs else they topple, a rude awakening. Ideal for sleep session testing!

Alpha. Theta. Good. Nice. Relaxing. Lights doing just what I wanted. Eyelid-heavy relaxing. Into delta. Moments in time vanish, others linger longer.  Delta deeper.

That’s all I really remember about the session. Lights were really pretty. At about 45 minutes into the 60 minute session, just 5 minutes into the deeper delta, I awoke at the mercy of gravity bits-of-seconds before the balance point of no return. Who wasn’t at the wheel then, eh?

… well enough.


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