Another little project

Here’s a little project that I’ve been enjoying.

Screen Flashing is an option in Mind Workstation and Neuroprogrammer. The general idea has been shown to work, especially with fast refresh rate monitors. Whole screen flashing, however, fails to take advantage of the visual regions, each of which can be independently stimulated.

Introducing ScreenAS.

ScreenAS divides the screen into seven regions. Top, left peripheral, left, centre, right, right peripheral and bottom. The size and ratio of the display are adjusted so that, unsurprisingly, the entire field of vision when eyes-forward is filled. With a 26″ monitor the right distance is about 400mm. Smaller monitors need to be viewed from a shorter distance. Being able to focus is unimportant as it’s the seeing-without-looking infinite focus state that is desired.

In addition to the seven region controllers, ScreenAS allows input from up to two audio sources giving four control channels. These can be configured much like the old colour-organs with flashing intensity simply controlled by the amplitude of the audio, or the audio can be filtered so that the display responds only to the amplitude of chosen frequencies.

ScreenAS is not yet ready to be released into the wild. Initially I will probably make a version without audio control available – audio control opens up the realm of patent headaches. Expressions of interest will encourage further development.


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