Two Good Things About The MicroBeatMini

Aside from anything else that is good about the MicroBeatMini as a dedicated AudioStrobe device there are two things that have especially pleased me.

With the black rubber light shield you can…

1.  Use the device in full daylight.

2.  Use it over glasses.

The latter is particularly useful if you are creating sessions but need glasses to see the screen when making on-the-fly adjustments.

Disclosure of interest – as of tomorrow (1 May) I will be a part time employee of the company that makes the MicroBeatMini. We have an understanding about maintaining a reasonably dispassionate position with respect to my blog and working for other individuals (usually session development) and companies (I will still be reviewing other products that are not direct feature-for-feature competitors with the MicroBeatMini and maintaining my involvement with other companies on product/session development).


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