Happy New Year!

2012 is here.

The latter part of 2010 and the whole of 2011 have been extremely challenging for me personally and for many others.

Late in 2010 I was guided to information that I could only attribute to sources with a profound knowledge of the reality underlying human activity and the future for mankind. For reasons only partially evident to me I was briefly made privy to matters they considered important.

At the conclusion of that experience I was left with the direction to live my life in peace until the time comes, in the near future, to fulfil my purpose.

I was also instructed to tell others to “look to the skies” and to anticipate three globally significant events in 2012. The first will take place in February. Many will write this off as nothing more than an extreme random event. A similar event will occur in April which will raise consciousness of the significance of the first event. The third event in June will leave no doubt as to the meaning.

2012 will be a spectacular year. Those who explore the higher truths about the nature of themselves and humanity in general, as we are all essentially the same, will have three blatant opportunities to confirm their understanding and become leaders in the next phase of human evolution. Open eye delta stimulation in the range of 2-3Hz using low intensity blue with flicker (barely illuminated with 20% sine modulation, no audio, quiet and dark environment) will facilitate contemplation on the extinction of self and species and recognition of the essential part of the species each “self” represents.

This year won’t bring a singular cataclysmic event but there will be ample opportunity to see the reality of our situation and begin the necessary turnaround in human consciousness and behaviour. Ordinary newscasts provide ample evidence that this is a year in which many factors will converge.

2012 can be a truly great year for humanity.


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  • Anonymous  On April 7, 2012 at 5:27 am


    I’ve been reading through the treasure trove of information on your blog, and various postings in forums on the web. What you wrote here has resonated with me greatly.

    I’d been unprivy to the inner voice/inner world until this February. I used to meditate on and off (with the aid of binaurals) and enter a nice restful state which I presumed was as deep as it goes. Until this past February when my world was rocked! I opened my eyes after an hour of meditation, sat and pondered and then spontaneously I was made aware of what I would refer to as “light energy.” The following weeks were absolutely life changing, (it’s a good thing I am self employed… I don’t know that I could have gone through this and kept a job) I was able to truly separate true self from ego, ego was manifested as a feeling/sensation very different from the true self (unconditional love). The experience had it’s ups and downs… at times it was terrifying and crushing but not without catharsis. The very fabric of reality was presented in many new wonderous and also uncomfortable ways. There were many strange sensations accompanying it almost as though my body/mind was rebooting and fixing itself of all the unnecessary damage, blockages and psychological baggage that was brought upon it in chilhood and adult life.

    I found myself reading texts that I would never have sought out, articles about kundalini, chi, prana, channelings, chakras, Ramtha, buddhist texts, ascension, research of chakras, documentaries about Quantumn mechanics. At the time much of it resonated with me on a level I can’t put into words. And I seemed guided to all of it… not to take any single one as truth but to process the information and see what resonated within me.

    I thought I could possibly be going bonkers and asked people close to me to keep an eye on me. Everyone said I seemed fine and lucid… so I went with it. It was very exciting, it was like living a movie! Everyday was an adventure and an enormous learning experience.

    One night I was visited and informed of my purpose, mine was to inspire a sense of adventure in people. Make life exciting! I’m a film maker and I assumed that was part of it, but they offered no answers they said I would figure it out. (and when I say “they… in many ways I mean “I”… you know what I mean?) The presence was empowering, it made me feel as though I was a hero. It was a very archetypal kind of thing.

    As the energy started to recede to much more “reality” conducive levels, my ego reintegrated and now I have the tools to keep self damaging thoughts at bay. I feel that in the state I was in there was a heightened significance to everything that I had to carefully place so as to function as myself again in the day to day. To accept the true/false to stay one with the “now”. Oddly enough I have the strong belief that April has some significance as well… but as all feelings of expectation I’m working with it to put it in it’s place… as it’s takes me out of the now to focus too deeply on it.

    There was much more to it and I’d love to have a dialogue, some of the parts of my experience I do not want to post in public mainly for the reason that I do not believe people should have descriptions of these kind of events because they are very personal and custom tailored for the individual. IE… once I knew what to expect it never happened the same way again… it’s a slippery slope and while I would love to “connect” again… I will not chase it… it will happen if it’s necessary.

    Anyways… It became very obvious that I ought to add an AVS product to my life. I realized that jamming up the usual senses and entraining is the easiest way to reach the true self and connect. Thus far I’ve been having a great time… but nothing even remotely as intense as in february-mid march. Which you know what… I think that’s a good thing! 🙂

    • CraigT  On April 7, 2012 at 1:46 pm


      I’m pleased that you have found my ramblings useful.

      That’s quite a bit to take in but it contains much that I recognise as elements of awakening. It sounds as though you’re handling it well.

      You’re welcome to email me at craigtavs.gmail.com


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