Which is best?

I’m often asked which AVS hardware/software is best.

Anything that can deliver a flashing light and/or audible pulse at brainwave rhythm frequencies/rates will provide stimulus measurable over the visual and/or audio cortical regions. This means that all commercial hardware and software exceeds the minimum requirement and are distinguished by non-essential features. Some are biased towards clinical/therapeutic application, others will suit the psychonaut or tech junkie, some address various matters of convenience while yet others will appeal for the aesthetics of their sessions.

“Best” is unique to every (potential) user and will probably change with experience.

The brain is the location of individual experience. Whatever theological/philosophical/(meta)physical position you may adopt, the point of AVS is to manipulate mental processes. While sensory stimulation can be assured, there is no guarantee that any particular cognitive alteration will occur for any individual, intent or method.

The most important thing to understand in considering my words is that I have no idea what you are doing. Or what you think you are doing. Or why you think it is a thing you should do. Or what raw material (intellect, information and experience) you are working with. Even those with whom I have had the closest contact, with whom I share the most common experience, have things going on that are not communicated. Even trivial applications like depression or anxiety relief depend on the individual’s experience of what’s “bad” and conception of what “better” would be like – try precisely describing a particular physical pain and the difficulty of discussing a mental pain becomes evident.

Whatever the reason for considering AVS, it has to be known or believed to be something that can be manipulated/developed by directing brainwave activity. AVS can direct brainwave activity. All of the outcomes of AVS use can be achieved by other means. AVS might be considered a gentle shortcut. Other means might require more time and discipline or may be quicker and more hazardous. I have found a way that has involved a not necessarily judicious application of anything that had a reputation for relevance to my intent and that was within my means and inclination. No way is without peril or price.

You are an individual, unique in the most profound sense. There is a place in your self where you are alone. It is from this perspective that you can please yourself in matters of the mind.


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