Altered States

I’d like to draw your attention to an article I wrote for Transparent Corp’s side blog, Mind Update just before I did what I did that led me from then to today…

At the end I offer the disclaimer, “Quality of this information… mostly optimistic extrapolation of absolutely reliable techniques and verifiable history supported by personal experience.” The information is no longer an extrapolation.

As for the line between mental illness and enlightenment/brilliance… it all depends on how others react to the outward appearance of your manifestation. There comes a point in the journey where you will probably need to trust yourself and risk your appearance of sanity. As a Westerner I have a substantial right to freedom of religion/belief, yet it was made very clear to me that I had ideas that could not be embraced and that I should use drugs to suppress those modes of thought.

One thing I would add… the importance of broad knowledge and diverse experience before getting too adventurous with altered states. It is only by having these many hooks to consensus reality that a safe return can be reasonably expected. Ideas that seem so wonderful that they must be shared are immensely problematic if they cannot be expressed in proper relationship to the collective state of present. Beyond that, some things will become apparent that are far better shared only with utmost discretion.

AVS is a useful tool – maybe but probably not sufficient of itself. For me it was part of a system. AVS provided an incentive to study and a means whereby I could construct a workable model of the brain/mind.Subjects I found useful included neuroscience, theories of memory, vision, cognition and so on, creation stories and cosmologies, mainstream and occult religion/tradition, philosophy and psychiatry.  I’m pleased to have had an EEG – the modes of thought correspond well to the delta-gamma system of bands, and the bands fit the planes of the Qabalah. AVS-supported meditation and contemplation are a great way to integrate new understandings as new information is acquired, particularly if success has been attained by traditional means, but found to be too time consuming.

Another way of thinking about gamma… it is the electrical manifestation of “I AM NOW”.


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