A solidly built black box with filled engraving and two ridiculously large machined aluminium knobs. Impressively weighty, with a lead acid gel cell for plenty of power. The build is short run – high quality from off-the-shelf components. Counting the power switch and the mysterious “Phase” switch, four controls in all. The two knobs are for brightness – the pRoshi generously provides two outputs for LED glasses with independent brightness.

The glasses are standard Photosonix – excellent visuals but horrible frames. Three pairs are included – red/blue, blue/green (my favourite) and white PVStim (what were they thinking?). CG – compatible with almost no other glasses.

Subjectively, and for this one subject, the pRoshi experience is not disappointing, especially in view of the suspiciously OT promotional blurbs. I’d consider myself pretty hard-core when it comes to the AV stimuli I enjoy, and the pRoshi tweaked neurons as well as the most compelling of my own sessions.

There’s been lots of banter about emulating pRoshi and a lot of nonsense talked. You can take pretty much anything I’ve said prior to now as being rubbish. No-one I’m aware of has come even a little bit close to pRoshi. The waveforms here are almost unrecognizable, the author acknowledging that the recordings were done with a soundcard oscilloscope.

A little while ago I stumbled upon a set of stimuli that I strongly suspected may be the pRoshi secret. I exchanged a couple of emails with Chuck Davis at the time, wondering how grown-ups deal with parallel discovery. We both did a kind-of neither confirm nor deny thing and left it at that. As it turns out, what I came up with is entirely dissimilar in construct but, now that I’ve had pRoshi time, extremely similar in both subjective experience and EEG response.

As for the EEG, not knowing quite what to expect, I decided to set up a somewhat-blind experiment. I hooked up a couple of the electrodes just below the hairline, left and right and arranged myself horizontal so that the fingers of my left hand draped over the pRoshi power switch. With cordless mouse under right hand, I started recording with the pRoshi off.

I allowed settling time and then just lay back for a while to get a bit of baseline before switching on the pRoshi. I already knew that I liked the maximum brightness setting, so that’s what I used throughout. From there I just turned the lights on and off every 5-10 minutes, with a couple of 1 minute bursts as well. After half an hour I got up to review the recording.

I use AVS a lot, and I usually display good hemispheric synchronization. While the changes that I believe correspond to the presence or absence of pRoshi stimulus are subtle, I consider them to be sufficiently clear to not be wishful. At the times the pRoshi was on, the left and right raw EEG signals became almost identical. When it was off there was conspicuously more independent left/right activity.

The real-world value of hemispheric synchronization is still being debated, but at present the consensus seems to be that it’s a good thing in moderation (way too much synchronization is epilepsy). It seems to work for me.

The pRoshi was curiously stimulating whilst deeply relaxing – an effervescent bubble bath comes to mind. I found it virtually impossible to entertain any more than a single thought, which could be held easily through to its conclusion. It was also very easy to disappear into hypnogogic dreaming, not quite asleep, but a long way from awake. Time disappears, and as the pRoshi is lights only, I’ve really come to appreciate the natural ambiance I have here – a tree full of birds right outside my window, and the best roof ever for wind and rain.  The pRoshi leaves a pleasant afterglow well into the next day.

pRoshi is, of course, a one-trick pony. You turn it on and it does its thing – eliminating the anguish over which session to use. It has no timer – it will just keep going until you turn it off. Perfect – you’ll know when you’re done. I’ve disappeared for over an hour. This machine does not entrain, by whatever means, it leaves your mind feeling untangled and ready for whatever use you may put it to.

Value for money? The claims that it could be put together for $25 in parts are exaggerated – you’d be lucky to have change out of $100, and the glasses are pricey, nonetheless it’s a long way from $100 to $1950. But what exactly does the value of a machine have to do with the cost of its components? This is not a consumer item. By its very nature it cannot be – it is unique in design and totally specific in its action. If you want what this thing does, then it is currently the only way to get it. Sure, I can look at it and say, “I could have done that!”, and indeed, I could have, but I didn’t. Chuck did. Most of his descriptions and explanations are rather dubious, but that matters not at all – whether by brilliance or serendipity, Chuck found a stimulus that does what it does and recognized the opportunity. Kudos to him for offering the world a unique and potentially rewarding experience. I hope some of my special blends one day enjoy the mystique of the pRoshi.

Ah, yes, the Phase switch. Unsurprisingly, it reverses the phase of the two output signals, resulting in an immediate change in the visuals and what feels like a breath of wind through the mind.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it suits me beautifully. If you enjoy some of my more intense sessions, you’ll almost certainly enjoy the pRoshi. It is a thing in itself, and though I find Chuck’s theory  of operation unconvincing, I cannot deny that it does what it does. The complexity of the brain should never be underestimated – the absence of an adequate explanation for an effect should not diminish the value of a technique if the technique leads to useful, repeatable and measurable results.


P.S. Please don’t request additional details of the pRoshi output. I respect the right of creative individuals to profit from their creativity. This thing is jaw-droppingly simple, but very, very clever.

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  • Chuck Davis  On November 1, 2010 at 3:14 am

    Thanx, Craig, I enjoyed read your description :^)

    Need I remind your that it only takes a few dollars’ worth
    of parts, to blow and expensive airplane out of the sky?

    The pROSHI2+ is a distillation of 20+ years of knowledge,
    starting from the original EEG coupled ROSHI(AVS) system,
    which was a moderately complicated system.

    From it, I learned how to help the brain to gain control of itself, effortlessly.

    My best,

    • CraigT  On November 1, 2010 at 6:15 am

      Hi Chuck,
      Thank you for sticking it out against the naysayers who have given your product such a hard time. You have demonstrated that understanding is not necessary in order to achieve results – all you have to do is use the tools available and take the opportunities presented.
      The value of the components is not the point – it is what you do with them that matters.
      Keep up the great work!

  • Chuck Davis  On November 2, 2010 at 1:16 am

    From: MGreen
    Subject: [pROSHI] ROSH2++upgrade DONEx5!!
    Date: Oct 31, 2010 7:12 PM
    Hi All,
    We use the ROSHIs daily and have trouble having enough to go
    around. People love the NEW upgrade. We sent just the Roshi main box
    to CHuck and he did the upgrade and sent it back via return mail.
    That was excellent because they are in demand.

    These little machines are worth their weight in GOLD (one pound
    machine=$1340ozx16=$21,760 each!) Our clients love the
    MEDITATION/RELAXATION device. Actually its sooo much more than that.
    * pRoshi can stop a headache if you put the magstims over the headache
    * pRoshi can stop a panic attack in its tracks within about 10
    min without drugs (geez I wish they’d outlaw benzos!!!)
    * pRoshi makes PTSD work a LOT EASIER for client and therapist
    * pRoshi makes PTSD work do-able sooner rather than later in the
    therapeutic relationship because clients feel calmer and the
    * pRoshi calms the Trauma extremely well if/when a client gets triggered
    * pRoshi is fabulous in treating withdrawal from drugs/alcohol
    and there is a good protocol that really works amazingly well.
    * pRoshi is the unsung hero listed as a RELAXATION DEVICE.
    * pRoshi will even stop a pain in the arm or neck if the magstims
    are applied to the pain area!! Sometimes you have to take off the ear
    pieces but it works. Headaches just disappear in about 5 minutes but
    a really bad migraine might take 15 minutes but it does go away.
    * Another magic trick with pRoshi is to put the magstims on the
    wrist where wrist hooks to hand on the RIGHT wrist. Stops pain. That
    comes from acupuncture and is a powerful point for pain reduction.
    Works with other neurofeedback/biofeedback,electroacupunture, soft laser too.
    * pRoshi stops those headaches and migraines.
    * pRoshi is better than regular eeg biofeedback because the
    client does not have to do homework…which they often dont do anyway…
    OK. Enjoy your new upgrades. Everyone in our place who experienced
    the old ones love the new upgraded machines. AWESOME. Chuck, you
    score and A+++. And several “bipolar” diagnosed clients really like
    the upgrade –they say it really slows their brains down nicely.

    Blessings upon the Guruji Roshi Dude and all the Dudes and Dudesses
    who show what the pRoshi really is all about.
    Dr Marie

  • CraigT  On November 2, 2010 at 6:29 am

    No problem – shameless promotion acceptable and righteous 🙂

    I haven’t used the pRoshi with magstim, but my own work with magnetic stimulation (experimental) has certainly shown potential that I have been wanting to further explore.

    All the best!


    • Chuck Davis  On November 3, 2010 at 1:37 am

      I don’t know that it was all that shameless, Craig. I was simply responding, to your original post, as best I could;
      in an attempt to remove some of the mystery, that’s all.

      I might add that ‘all’ magnetic stimulation works, in
      some fashion. It is just that ROSHI tech approaches it
      in a different and unique manner.

      My best,

  • Skebnar  On November 4, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    Hi, Chuck–have you done any EEG studies with the pRoshi? If so, could you post that data, or a link to it, here?

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