Excellent find!

Waverider, regular and volunteer forum support on the Transparent user forum, posted an extra specially juicy link today.


This seems to me to be another, “Woops, who threw out the baby?” moment. Up there alongside the first suggestions that just maybe there was significance to the 90-something percent of our DNA that was up until very recently “junk”.

The power distribution described is readily observed even with the most basic of EEGs. You get much bigger lumps of delta than you do theta, and so on.

My hypothesis is that gamma recordings represent brief periods of high energy activity close to the surface of the brain, within the cortex, “immediate mode” thought. Conversely, delta represents large amounts activity over large volumes deeper within the brain.

When considering any EEG-based information, it is important to remember the biggest problem with EEG – the scalp, skull, dura and fluids. In between our pristine, scrubbed, silver chloride enhanced electrode/scalp connections, there’s a whole mess of conduction paths. First, the scalp contains blood vessels, and they are an excellent distributor of signals. The skull is a complex resistance. And beneath that is a layer of saline fluid (conductive) and thick tissue. Not forgetting the fact that the neurons themselves are generally well sheathed in non-conductive myelin. All of this muffles and disperses the actual activity present at the cortex. The cortex, and deeper structures, of course, muffle and disperse indications of activity from yet deeper structures. EEG is stunningly useless at localising anything but the most robust signals (CER over the audio/visual regions).

I have found the model of the lower brain rhythms being associated with larger, deeper structures, progressing through to gamma arising from immediate thought, cortical activity, most useful in session design.

We’ll be lighting upon on many pieces of “news” affirming things we have already noticed through AVS. It’s nice to know that Science is picking up the pieces that will lead it in our direction.

Thanks for finding and sharing, Waverider.


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