Lights vs Dark

Delta, especially low delta, isn’t easy to entrain. I am undecided one way or the other on whether entrainment can occur below 2Hz. You can be listening to a delta track, and see delta over some non-sensory region and have no evidence whatsoever of correlation. When you close your eyes and relax completely there will be more delta evident, stimulus or no stimulus.

This, however, matters not in the slightest. Irrespective of the mechanism listening to delta can enhance any traditional deep meditation technique. Lights, Audiostrobe, I’m not so sure about. I have tried all manner of things to make a <2Hz session look good without it being padded out with some other harmless flashing – and relieved with long periods of darkness!

Great news! Sample of one, several trials… Complete darkness enhances the audio’s effectiveness at least as much as AS. If extraneous noise can be eliminated and a completely stress free asana assumed, then darkness is substantially better than AS for <2Hz sessions.

From the pursuit of gratification department, the main reason I mention this particular observation is the subjective experience of darkness compared to light, be it ambient or AS. If you can keep sleep at arm’s length, the gentle thud in velvet darkness is just… my opinion.

I’d be interested to hear from others how they experience lights vs dark.


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