Neuroprogrammer 3

If I didn’t use Mind Workstation Enterprise, I would use Neuroprogrammer 3 Ultimate. Adam has done a great job of taking some of the advances gained with Mind Workstation and integrating them into a friendly, approachable and competent package.

A couple of NP2 features have sort-of disappeared – most notably the Super Learning Tool, but there’s nothing that could be done with NP2 that can’t be done with NP3, and a whole lot new as well.

I almost feel silly commenting on a program that you can download for a two week free trial – but it seems there is a reluctance to download trials. Don’t be shy – get into it!

One huge enhancement over NP2 is the sound – much cleaner and richer, the same as found with MWS.

The opening screen and the session lists are another area of major overhaul – it’s now much easier to find sessions and get an idea of what they’re for – and there’s a lot of them, all rewritten specifically for NP3. From this point of view, NP3 Regular (without the session editor) is probably the best value for a bunch of quality AVS sessions anywhere to be found.

Those who use affirmations and scripts will find big changes here. First, there’s two ways to construct the recordings for a session, either in Timeline or Playlist mode. Each has its charms, but the Playlist also provides a useful in for anyone wanting to play their own music alongside a session. Pitch shift (hate the sound of your own voice?) and reverb/echo effects have also made their way over from MWS.

Then there’s BioOptimization. As far as I know, the strategy here is unique. Once you’re hooked up with a Thoughtstream or IOM/Lightstone biofeedback device, you can pick any session, decide how you wish to optimize it, and, over time, as you use the session with biofeedback, NP3 will modify the session, node by node (via a table), to maximise response. You can have multiple users with NP3 too, so everyone can keep their own optimisations.

It’s hard to get excited about Neuroprogrammer when you’re hopelessly hooked on Mind Workstation, but if it weren’t for MWS, I’d be really, really excited. Since I’ve had the Pendant EEG I’ve not been much inclined to use GSR biofeedback, but with NP3’s BioOptimization, I think my Thoughtstream will be getting a lot more use.


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