A huge plus for Mind Machines or customised stimulus

A major point derived from the relationship between the intensity of the sensed beat and the frontal/temporal correspondence, is that mind machines without sound content, i.e. ones that only generate tones, all induce correspondence close to that of the most intense AVS session. Played loud, the psychoactivity can be really impressive, especially once a session has been listened to enough times for it to be so familiar that the observer/critic loses interest and you can just go with the session. The subjective difference is the proportion of the session structure that can be recalled. Once you can get through a chunk of unmasked stimulus without having an opinion about the sounds themselves, you are “in the zone” where things for which the rhythm sequences of the session are optimally useful occur.

The only thing to beat a mind machine is a session from entrainment software with all non-entrainment effects turned off and all entrainment signals shapes for maximum impact. And the only thing to beat that is a session hand tuned to the natural dominant frequencies of the individual and with stimulus waveforms tweaked to their response.

A stimulus-only session is almost invariably belief neutral. This is a good thing unless the session bias is consistent with your own practices. A session soundscaped to suggest a Zen setting is only useful if the individual has a belief system and symbol set that recognises Zen values and symbolism. To a huge extent, benefits can also be derived from these sessions by those who have adopted idealised forms of a belief system.

Stimulus-only, belief neutral, high intensity sessions are ideal for any mental practice that is known to induce or benefit from a particular brain cortex rhythm.

Another useful deduction is that there are changes in sensation or mode of thought that can be correlated to EEG activity – subjective experience is sufficient evidence of psychoactivity. If you’re not sure if something happened, it didn’t happen. You may be surprised at what feelings are associated with what, but you will find conspicuous patterns in your response to different sessions over periods of time. You may not recognise “it” when it happens the first few times.

Why don’t I just tell you what “it” is like? Well, I know a few people who I know have experienced “it”. Our descriptions of it are only superficially similar. Similar enough for recognition, but different enough for me to know that sharing detail only muddies the water. I’m happy to go into greater detail on a quid pro quo basis with anyone who wishes to compare notes privately.

Something I have become acutely aware of is the bias inherent in my commercial involvement in the AVS industry. You can assume that everything I say is biased towards the products and methods I have found most effective and that represent the upper end of the type of usefulness I am working to advance. Anyway, no arrangement I’ve entered into requires that I say anything is what it is not.

The definition of “effective” I apply to my own sessions is whether the structure enhances my ability to think, use my mind, in the modes signified by the rhythms. Only when I observe some change in behaviour or response do I bother to see what is or is not happening on the EEG. EEG confirms better than it predicts.

Any mind machine or entrainment generator that outputs pure stimulus (other than or in addition to binaural) will absolutely increase susceptibility and response to the target frequencies.


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