AVS and Meditation

Yes, it works.

It matters little what frequencies you use. More important is a direction of thought.

AVS, particularly alpha and theta, are exceptionally good for quieting the mind, allowing lines of thought to be followed through to their apparent conclusion. Theta and, in a somewhat different manner, delta are well suited to the establishment of novel connections between disparate classes of information. Even beta can be used for intense object-based meditation, so it’s very much what you do with your brain rather than expecting the AVS to cause it to do something.

The most substantial benefit of AVS in this context is the “sphere of isolation” from the mundane world that it can provide in even the most intrusive of environments. Once “hearing without listening” and “seeing without hearing” is reached, then the outside world ceases to exist and many of the benefits of retreat can be enjoyed.

There is no tool that will “cause” meditation, however of those offered for such purposes, AVS is almost certainly the most likely to predispose the brain to such activities.


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