Personalising Sessions

I’ve just written the following as a reply to a very good question on the Transparent forum. It was a question about detailed association of mental functions and states with specific brain rhythms.

I think you might be asking for more detail than currently exists. The association between brain rhythms and specific behaviours is very general. It is possible that you may, with the help of an EEG, work out these things for yourself, but your results may not be directly applicable to anyone else. Broadly consider beta = alert, engaged, alpha = aware, disengaged, theta = daydream/half sleep/drifting consciousness, delta = asleep or deep detachment. Gamma isn’t really anything much of itself, however it can be used to enhance the actions of other bands. For example, any theta session enhanced with sporadic gamma is far likelier to lead to “inspiration” than one without gamma.

In order to make reasoned use of the frequencies, I use the model of brain/mind that says the higher the frequency, the more localised activity will be in the cortex – the place where “now” is processed. As the frequency reduces, the processing is reaching deeper into memory, deeper into the brain, with longer neural pathways, hence a delayed response relative to the gamma functioning cortex, which may synchronise to the lower frequency.

Let me stress that the above is just a model I use that may or may not have any relationship to anything whatsoever. If, however, you design sessions using this formula, they will work very well.

I hope you’re finding some of these little hints useful in your session design. I can assure you that time and effort put into designing your own sessions will be many-times amply rewarded. Once you identify the style of sound and the type of lightshow that really does it for you, the effectiveness of AVS takes a substantial leap.


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  • Robert  On February 24, 2010 at 1:00 am

    Great explanations and advice Craig!

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