What is music?

A much more interesting question than it might seem.

I thought I knew what was music and what was not. Since becoming most engrossed in a particular style of psychoactive sound, I’m finding the area of uncertainty growing.

The latest session I’m working on, Five, moves around in this area of uncertainty. It could probably be described as “sculpted generative music”. You would not believe the pleasure I get from working with sessions like this – any small tweak can have repercussions twenty minutes later. It’s a real thrill having the AVscape unfold in new and unexpected ways, capturing the settings when it all comes together, knowing the next tweak could bring it all crashing down into plain cacophony.

Five is, unsurprisingly, focused on theta. Its strength is for visualisation.  Mechanical and other highly detailed imaginings come readily. It’s a tad dicey – very easy to dip into delta only to come back wondering where that last brilliant idea went. Prompt attention to the recent timeline will almost always recover the thread.

Polynaural is the next project I’ll be releasing – needs a bit more work before branching into variants.

There’s a few other promising tracks evolving, but I’ll probably be offering Five as a single in the next week or so.


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