A brain’s request…

I’m not going to go near the innumerable theological, philosophical and grammatical problems with this little story. Please ignore such matters and stay with me…

You’re a brain. Your owner has issued some pretty tough “Sharpen Up!” messages. He’d like you to arrange for him to be smarter, faster, more creative, more productive and the favourite in every circle. Actually, he doesn’t want you to “arrange” anything – he just wants it to happen! By yesterday, and preferably without any inconvenience or discomfort to his good ol’ self!

“Okay,” you think, “I’ve got to find out just what he is willing to do to help this project along.” Good thinking. In what way does he expect you to magically transform into a higher species?

So eventually, after all the suggestions to read, to meditate, to research, to practice, to explore, to experiment, to play, have all been abandoned after three attempts failed to deliver accomplishment, you call on your executive powers and make yourself known… 

“How about using me for something you really enjoy, something that will use every part of me, and challenge me? I can’t promise I’ll ever be the superbrain you want me to be, but I’m sure good enough to share a great life with. It doesn’t have to be all the time. I’m good with looking after things while you daydream. And we can do the tough stuff together – deal with our problems, face up, and move on. Sure there will be sucky bits, but it really hurts me to know how scared of me you are. I don’t keep memories to be hurtful. I keep memories so we can learn. It seems the world mostly wants me to just keep quiet and let you consume yourself to death. But if you go, I go. Remember, I am all that is left when everything else is taken away. I am all you need.”


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