The Softer, Easier Way

AVS has to be right up there with the greatest scam-bait of all times. It has all the perfect traits – cheap and easy to produce, no objective standards, endless obscure links to science and spirituality, mostly harmless and a high bling-value.

I’ve meant to get some T-shirts printed with “DON’T GET ME STARTED!” This is a subject that really gets me started.

The sad thing about scams, frauds, etc. is that they could not exist if it weren’t for the greed of the victim – the desire to get something for little or nothing. It could be argued that the scammers are catering to a legitimate and well established market segment – it seems there are people who persist in seeking the “free lunch”.

I’m not going to get started. There are pieces of my opinion on this matter scattered all over the place.

AVS has direct and specific effects that have shown usefulness in treating a number of brain-related problems – anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, stress are all good candidates. AVS has been helpful in improving general brain function – memory and cognition. AVS is a useful tool in contemplative and self-development projects.

“AVS is a useful tool”. Most traditional practices have availed themselves of the best resources of their time and place. For self-development purposes, AVS has all the characteristics of candles, sigils, magickal tools and so on – it can provide specific stimuli to evoke particular types of thought or focus. It is often said that the arcane symbols speak directly to the subconscious – mebbe, mebbe not. What they do is bypass the problems of language. AVS also does this, plus providing the potential to bypass much of the pre-processing that occurs before consciousness.

The more time I spend poking around between my own ears, the less important I think the subconscious is. Actually, I begin to seriously doubt that such a thing even exists in the contexts it is usually found. Yes, there are a whole bunch of processes that occur between sense and thought, but they are by no means as mysterious as we might wish to believe. I would be happy to argue that the “subconscious” is a magnificent excuse for failure to apply consciousness.

If one is seeking any of the high ideals of the spirit, there’s a number of things that just must be done. Whether you follow an established path, or work it out for yourself, when you’re standing above the clouds, you climbed there just like anyone else. Looking at pictures (reading accounts) by other people, then pretending you’re there just doesn’t cut it. AVS is very good for cultivating illusion/delusion too.

AVS can certainly be more physically comfortable than some practices, but it is not a softer, easier way.


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