“is entrainment bad”

Another treasure from the search history.

Yes. And no. From so many levels and perspectives.

Morally… I believe entrainment is neutral.

Ethically… If you only work with yourself, no problem. If you’re going to inflict your ideas on others while they are in suggestible states, dubious.

If you have a malaise that responds well to entrainment then it is very good. If not, it should cause no harm, so it’s not bad.
If you have a goal that is more effectively achieved from a structured mind-state, then it is good.

Value for time consumed… If your values are served by spending a great deal of time in thought, then it is very good. If your self-worth is dependent on how many acres of lawn you’ve mown recently, then it’s very, very bad.

Image… As in “is entrainment bad“. No entrainment is not bad. No matter how you look at it, it’s still way too geeky to be bad.

Environmentally… Lying around drooling to psychoactive soundscapes is almost certainly less environmentally costly than any other pursuit you’re likely to engage in. Entrainment would have to rate a Very Good for environmental sustainability, with minimum hardware requirements being two sticks.

Health and Fitness… It is necessary to adjust calories and possibly introduce new forms of movement to compensate for extended periods of immobility. Providing this caution is observed, and depending on your value judgement of weight changes and shifts in muscle mass, entrainment is more likely to be good than bad.

I hope I’ve maybe touched on the sense in which you are concerned.


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