Frequency Independent Session

Although it’s been floating around for a while, I doubt that many people have heard output from my BrainForm program. Over in Downloads/Freebies is a 10 minute segment generated with BrainForm set up as follows:


Having commented in a recent post that there are numerous ways to create multifrequency and frequency independent sessions without resorting to layering, or to enhance the effectiveness of tones/music dominant sessions, I thought I’d better elaborate.

A key element in designing broadband sessions is to recognise and understand the different paths taken between our sensors and our senses. The only time meaningful effects from multiple frequencies are likely to arise is if some “trigger” in the brain has been aroused. Once the brain is “doing 8Hz alpha” in the form of a monaural beat, it is going to have little reason to give special attention to another monaural at 13Hz. If you’re wishing the brain to pay attention to an additional frequency, you need to deliver it in another format – pick another aspect of the sensory system to appeal to.

More details about BrainForm and its sessions here.

Let me know if you’d like more BrainForm segments – any frequency distributions you’d especially like to try?


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