Websites with Large Fonts in Many Colours

I’ve noticed that there’s an inverse relationship between the number of colours and fonts used on a web page and the quality of the information/products being promoted.

AVS/entrainment has become a favourite playground for people hoping for a quick buck flogging off their questionable early efforts at producing psychoactive content. I have no idea how many of them are actually making any money, but please – most of the stuff being offered is substantially less likely to be useful or effective than the preset sessions included with mind machines and software such as Neuroprogrammer and Mind Workstation.

Let there be no confusion – brainwave entrainment does not work on a simple cause/effect basis. Having a brain glowing with a particular EEG frequency does not automatically imply that the person is experiencing the characteristics of that frequency.

There’s many things that AVS/entrainment can do – therapeutically there are a number of well established protocols for correcting excesses/deficiencies, and for self-development it is a powerful tool. Many of the protocols that are used as models to suggest usefulness for other things are quite specific – they require a brain that is functioning “abnormally” in a specific, measurable way. For example, a particular case of depression may be due to low beta, and respond well to beta sessions, but it may have quite different etiology and require a quite different approach.

The same applies to self-development – just because a monk exhibits high gamma during contemplation of compassion, it does not mean that anyone else will. Worse yet is identifying the mental state of a Buddhist monk with Western understandings of happiness or contentment. The average Westerner is going to have to do a lot more than plug into a few noises and flashing lights to get past the drive for more that is cultivated in us through media and marketing.

Effective personal growth with AVS is a complex and personal thing. Targeting any single frequency or band is wildly unlikely to have any long-term or meaningful results. The most useful brain is one that can optimise its performance according to the task at hand. AVS can “show” the brain a sample pattern, and you can then “think” in the way appropriate to that pattern. Repeated use in this way is comparable to a regular workout at the gym. After a while, the brain will more readily shift into the optimum range as situations arise.

There is no frequency range that is intrinsically desirable. In a correctly functioning brain, all frequencies will be simultaneously present. Dominant frequencies arise as larger regions of the brain are engaged in the same type of activity. It is a mistake to think that if you stimulate theta, you will enter a meditative state. It is correct to believe that if you meditate whilst exposed to a theta beat, your depth and range will be enhanced. Same applies to many objectives.

A key obstacle to working in the desired state is the tendency of the undisciplined mind to wander off and engage in activities contrary to the intent/stimulus. Session design can have a huge impact on its effectiveness, and effectiveness is not necessarily related to aesthetics. Many commercial sessions are based on the same syrupy formula – the “new age” influence has given us a picture of what “spiritual” sounds like. Sure, there is much to it, but it is not what you put into your brain that matters – it’s what you do with it. Some of the most effective sessions I have used have taken quite a bit of getting used to – “nice to listen to” was not a design criteria.

When you find a website mindlessly regurgitating anecdotal or clinical evidence as though it were a hard and fast fact, move on. Even the best of clinical evidence for therapeutic applications is based on trials that wouldn’t even come close to satisfying regulatory authorities such as the FDA. This is neither good nor bad in itself. Regulation usually comes at some cost to the responsible and intelligent individual who wants to be in control of their wellbeing, but absence of regulation allows grossly unreasonable claims to go unchallenged. The joy of marketing entrainment content is that there is an element of truth in almost anything you can say about it – there’s no need for scam, just hyperbole.

The hallmarks of a crap site are pretty obvious. It’s hard to resist some of the promises. There’s always the nagging doubt that maybe you’re missing out on something great. Do yourself a favour – give up on finding the ultimate answer to all your woes in a soundtrack. Get yourself a decent AVS session creation tool, like NP2 or MWS, and use the sample sessions to find out just what you respond to. Learn how to use session time constructively. Become familiar with the normal functioning of your brain and learn how to guide it into the states most useful to you. Once you know what type of session you are likely to find useful, then you can look at commercial sessions designed by individuals with more experience/resources than you have. Always remember that there are no secret frequencies, and virtually no formal research on layered/multifrequency designs. A correct description of any session has to include the statements, “Based on/derived from… trials/research/anecdotal evidence” and “This session uses established and novel techniques derived from my (session creator) best understanding of the relationship between AVS and brain function.” The final necessary statement is, “Your mileage may vary.” Take advantage of free trials, whilst being aware that any site that requires login/email details before you can download their samples will probably spam you to death.

Be aware that there are a number of companies selling or franchising brainwave entrainment marketing packages – pay a fee or subscription and they will supply a template website, a bunch of marketing letters and a bundle of dubious sessions, with new sessions released weekly/monthly/periodically. This is pure cynicism and greed – there isn’t the slightest element of therapeutic or leadership integrity. It’s almost impossible to create an AVS/entrainment session that completely won’t work – the principles are so simple and available that anyone can knock together something with the right frequencies. Creating a session with lasting value is another matter.

The distinction between good and mediocre sessions comes down entirely to the creator. The only way to determine the likelihood of a particular session being useful for you is to look at the track record of the individual behind it. In most cases you will have extreme difficulty finding any trace prior to the appearance of their website. Look at the website and consider what sort of person might create something like that, and ask yourself whether you could entrust such a person with your wellbeing. A messy website, to me, suggests a messy mind – not one that I would seek to emulate.

To reiterate… AVS/entrainment works. AVS/entrainment almost never works as shonky web distributors imply.


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