More Comfort, Less Tangle

More than once I’ve whined about headphones that have cables entering both sides. On their own, there’s always a piece of wire brushing against face, blowing in the breeze. In conjunction with LED glasses, they’re a cable tangle waiting to happen. Have you noticed how hard it is to remember to always take glasses and headphones off in the reverse order to how they were put on, to avoid looping the glasses through the phones?

While in-ear phones aren’t quite as problematic, because they don’t form a loop, I still find the wires annoying, and easily caught and pulled on when moving arms.

A simple solution, which I’ve noticed more and more of the iPod generation adopting, is to put the phones on from the back, so that the Y in the cable sits at the back of the neck. It’s surprising how many ways this simple innovation improves the headphone/glasses experience!


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