Inner and Outer Vision

Have you ever tried putting a blindfold on over the top of your AVS glasses and then waving your arm around in front of your face?

Yeah, it ones of those things better done in private, but I’d be interested to know if anyone else finds they can “see” a reasonable representation of their arm/hand moving around as a shadow/distortion in the general visual pattern. I first noticed this during an SMR session – that’s the sort of frequency range where I find most of the visual phenomena that particularly intrigue me. Quite frequently I’ll realise that I can see myself, as from my natural viewpoint, while using AVS. I’m guessing that I’m seeing my internal model of myself, made visible in the otherwise unintelligible flashing.

Another thing you might like to query is where you “see” the imagery. If I’m paying attention, it appears several inches in front of my eyes, with considerable dark, detail free periphery. If I allow myself to “fall into” the imagery, then my entire field of visual perception will be filled – no distinguishable periphery. When I’m in the former state, detail is fleeting and hard to grasp, I tend to be attempting to describe what I’m seeing. In the latter state the visuals become much more complex – I have usually given up trying to find words.

There a story about the first indigenous people of a land to see large sailing ships. Apparently, so the story goes, they were unable to “see” the ships until each component thereof had been named in terms that they could relate to – large canoe with huts and drying hides. A similar concept was explored by Douglas Adams in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, with the space ship rendered invisible by painting it bright pink and parking it right in the middle of a public place – use of the “someone elses problem” principle.

There’s a lot more to what we “see” to just that which is imaged on our retinas.


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