Brain-to-Brain Communication

I just couldn’t resist this one…

A magnificent example of how success with a fairly obvious experiment can be inflated into a headline story.

The technology described uses the well established evoked response from the visual cortex to receive, and techniques already used in advanced prosthetics and similar to those used in neurofeedback training.

Quite often I can see how our technological advancement has been exaggerated by the media. Of greater concern is the amount of misinformation and exaggeration that I don’t notice, subjects with which I’m not familiar. If one thing can be so misleadingly portrayed, how accurate are the reports on things that lead us to act? I’m sure health is an area in which we are in a state of perpetual knee-jerk as each new study reveals the latest thing that’s killing us.

I’m not sure where I want to point the finger. Somewhere in amongst all this there is a severe lack of critical thinking. If journalistic hyperbole is what sells, what does this say about us?  Do I really want to be bothered with every almost promising lab result, journalistically extrapolated to its most optimistic conclusion?


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