Tattwa – Flashing Colors

For some strange reason I found myself recalling using Tattwa cards, and focusing on a color/symbol until it appears in its ‘flashing’, or complimentary color. Thought to myself, “Is the eyelid enough to provide a light/dark contrast in flashing colors?”. And indeed, it is.

Using a Laxman, Manual Program, 0Hz (light on), color set to the transition between yellow and green, gazed at infinite focus until I lost awareness of the variations in brightness, and then closed my eyes. Initially it went dark, then brightened with reddish tint, and then shifted into an intense purple. I tried a few other color pairs – very pleasing.

With this new thing to look out for, I decided to have a very careful look at how flashing changed with eyes-open vs eyes-closed. Using manual mode at 7.8Hz, pitch 77.8 (strange increments?), color back to yellow/green. Gazed at infinite distance for three minutes. Closed eyes. Initially nothing changed but a slight reddish dimming, then the field fills with the flashing color. Setting the AS frequency to 7.8Hz for the flashing version reminded me just how much I like the Schumann Resonance for visuals – not too fast, not too slow, just right. I was surprised at how little the image changed as I opened and closed my eyes. It gave me an excellent opportunity to experiment with the eyes-half-closed technique recommend by some meditators. It’s not at all easy to identify the eye/eyelid system’s position of natural rest.

This should work fine with any mind machine modified for open-eye – either by inserting a suitable diffuser (4 layers of ordinary photocopy paper works okay with MP or similar glasses), or using a screen as I suggested in “Ganzfeld Extravaganza”. Red/green glasses, controlled with 100Hz Audiostrobe, 2 channels, one left, one right, balance adjusted to tweak the right shade of yellow. Single color glasses work just fine – blue gives a very good violet afterimage, followed by a dark green.

It’s not quite the same thing as gazing at a card by candlelight, but it is a wonderful focus. While I was toying with colors, not a moment’s thought did I give to anything in the outside world. Some of the aftercolors surprised me – having the added state of eyes-closed available extends the palette enormously.

As soon as I did rejoin humanity I was rejoined by the thought, “Do we ever really learn from our mistakes?” I’ve been pondering this a lot lately. We have a hairy little dog, a Tibetan Spaniel. Mostly we think she’s pretty smart. We were walking with the dogs down on the beach when a largish terrierish kind of dog came along (with owner) and we allowed the dogs to have a sniff. Bindi is a rather outgoing youngster, and tends to pounce all over other dogs faces. Our beagle has never bothered to discipline her. This terrier, however, did, and it was a flash of teeth and a very concise set of snarls. As we walked on I wondered aloud, “I wonder if she learned her lesson?” Minutes later we meet dog number two, and she’s straight in just like before. It went okay, but it just goes to show, she didn’t learn the slightest caution from almost getting her face chewed off.

On the news tonight the NZ treasury is expressing concern that there may be another housing boom. I wonder if we’ll get our face chewed off again.


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