A little meditation exercise…

With whatever tools, aids and accessories, or bare-brained, as you wish, assume your meditation position and proceed through your induction process.

When you’re nicely settled and your body is well out of the picture. Do whatever it is you usually do, but without allowing yourself to name anything that comes to you. Don’t put your thoughts into words. Don’t describe anything to yourself. Don’t compare any one thing with any other thing. No language. No symbols. No internal or external references.

I invite you, upon completion of your practice, to consider two texts, Berashith, the First Book of the Torah (a.k.a. Genesis), and the rabbinical discussion thereof from the Zohar…

http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt0101.htm  (Torah)

http://sacred-texts.com/jud/zdm/zdm004.htm   (Zohar)

… and compare to the creation account of your own faith or belief system, or whatever understanding permits you to sleep peacefully at night.

I hope you enjoy this little exploration.


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