Coming soon…

… the “lam1″ psychoactive visual device.

The device name is derived from Aleister Crowley’s famous praeterhuman “source”, Lam (pronounced “lamb”). Earlier in his career, and the source of his Book of the Law, Crowley communicated with an entity known as Aiwass. I have taken these to be simple wordplay on “I was” and, with a lower case sans-serif “L”, “I am”. “lam1″ expands to “I Am One”.

Using a complex light pattern and the unique central focus of a black mirror, the lam1 is an open-eye device specifically designed for introspection, self-discovery and integration. Physically, it bears some likeness to the Lucia, functionally it is probably closest to the pRoshi, while being substantially different to both.

Additional features allow it to be useful in a group setting, for closed-eye use and for devotional practices.

Here’s a first glimpse of the relatively rough device prototype…


I will post some video of it in action a little further down the track.

Expressions of interest in this probably quite expensive, probably made-to-order device are invited.


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