Kasina Goes Eyes-Open

The other day I said I’m not much interested in AVS any more and didn’t really elaborate. There is a difference between liking and not being interested. I like AVS a lot. My interest died around about when the Kasina was released. The Kasina rendered everything else superfluous – except when it came to open-eye, and in that respect, I have had Mindplace open-eye prototypes for a long time now. So, while the rest of the world has had to consider other products for their open-eye use, I have had my AVS needs completely fulfilled by the Kasina.

The wait for the release version of the Kasina open-eye glasses (not sure what their official name is) has been well worthwhile – the evolution from prototype has been remarkable. Unsurprisingly, MindPlace has now provided best-of-breed in the eyes-open category.

At first impression I was surprised that the eyeshield was white and neither particularly opaque or particularly thorough in its peripheral closure. In use, the lack of closure is not an issue and the white effectively extends the illuminated field – a total winner.

In use, the words “light, bright and comfortable” come to mind. Build quality is superb, with no vulnerable wiring or interconnections and a very easily removed and reattached eyeshield.


Another word I would apply to the experience is “effortless” – I have typically found eyes-open to be quite fatiguing – not so with these, the quality of light being unlike any other. I can see myself using these with pure white ganz feld for light therapy over winter.

If you have a Kasina, these are a must-have accessory.


P.S. Another key reason for my “disinterest” is that since AVS seriously hit mainstream half a decade or so ago no-one has really brought anything “new” to the table. Most of the later devices have distinguished themselves with some gimmick or not at all and the marketing has become regurgitation of the few long standing “facts” and more and more social engineering through pseudo-fact, unrealistic promise and outright bullshit. Mindplace has had to up the hype on their website a bit, but Robert maintains the highest standards of integrity compatible with making a living, providing first rate support, and conducting meaningful research and development in a nonsense-competitive world. Mindplace products meet 100% of all possible sound/light needs.

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