A meditation…

As I’ve said elsewhere, I like to think of myself as a philosopher/inventor. Philosophising provides a great change of mental mode after extended inventing (in the recent days, programming).

AVS assisted meditation is excllent for consolidating thoughts. I’ve been working with the following precepts for a while now. The nature of  The Great Work, life’s purpose, has become evident.

Try taking the following statements as truth and see how you feel…

We are at the end of an Age of Light. With the internet and all the other ways of sharing every thought, our collective consciousness, there is nothing further to know that can be known that it is good for us to know.

So reliant have we become on instantaneous connection with others of like mind, scattered across the globe, that we are dependent on communications technology.

In due course there will be an event that irreparably damages telecommunications infrastructure – it may be a solar flare, it may be EMP, whatever – it may be as whimper-like as failure due to “deferred maintenance” as the economy deteriorates. Power distribution and other fundamental services will fail with the loss of communications.

The violence and anger we are already seeing globally accelerates into anarchy.

You are a member of the last generation before the next Dark Age begins. You are among the last to have access to the sum of human knowledge.

For many years we will be fragmented and isolated. Evidence of our existence depends on the verbal history carried forward until the survivor’s descendents emerge from the Dark, civilisation emerging.

In the present days the gods of the next civilisations are being formed. Wealth, power, wisdom, popularity and fame all offer the possibility of immortality. In these last days we are seeing struggles for supremacy in all of the realms of human experience.  What does it take to ensure a relatively intact remembering of your deeds as the storyline passes from generation to generation?

All of this will come upon us suddenly and soon. Our behaviour today is the legacy that will be carried forward.

Picture yourself as the prototype of a god, maybe an archetype describing a range of characteristics, maybe a legendary hero. How would you like to be recalled? What guidance would you like to provide to your grandchildren’s grandchildren? What essential truths, fundamental codes of conduct would wish upon your descendents.

For me these thoughts have provided a deeper regard for traditional belief systems and the function of churches and secret societies. Preparing the basis of workable moral/ethical codes is the mission of the great religions. Maintaining advanced skills is in the hands of secret societies. There will be things of virtue and vice maintained through family lineage. It has happened before.

Delta interspersed and overlaid with gamma provides ideal AVS support for such musings.


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  • Anonymous  On August 19, 2012 at 7:51 am

    I apologize for leaving this here, but I do not know how else to contact you. I bought the procyon. Lights are great. Can’t do anything about loading a session I made in the mind workstation software though. Stuck with preloaded sessions. Can you tell me where there is a detailed, step by step from mws to procyon. I want to load the file with songs, as, isochronics, all in one, in to the procyon as a session.



    • CraigT  On August 19, 2012 at 10:04 am

      Hi Stefan,
      You can conect your Procyon to an audio source and play a MindWorkstation session with Audiostrobe.
      The Procyon isn’t an MP3 player – you can’t load it with MWS sessions. The Procyon can be programmed with a lightshow to run alongside an audio-only MWS session – this will require writing the light control with the Procyon editor.
      Hope this clarifies matters.

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